Existence Tupai Jenjang Oral Theater of the Siulak Community Kerinci Jambi

  • Hendri Jihadul Barkah


Tupai Jenjang oral theatre belongs to a subgenre of folk theatre. It is based on oral tradition and is performed solely by a person. In addition to dendang (oral narrative), the performer also uses gestures and acting to convey his story. As a living embodiment of the character, performer fluidly transforms himself from one character to another. The transformation is symbolized with costumes and properties. This performance is initially known in Siulak Kerinci in the 50s. In its original place, Minangkabau, the story developed from kaba or myth, created unconsciously to keep man and squirrel in harmony.Furthermore, this research aims to analyze elements which build Tupai Jenjang performance in Siulak Kerinci. Dramaturgy is used as an approach to analyze the structure and texture of the performance. As an aesthetic presentation, Tupai Jenjang reflects the modest reality of its audience life. Its modesty can be found everywhere, from setting decoration, properties and costumes to the lighting of the stage.

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