The Logical Path of Socialist Modern Family Building

  • Xiaoyan Liang


Family is the foothold of social progress and human modernization. In China, the traditional family view is the spiritual lineage of “family is the smallest country, and the country is made up of millions families”, which needs to deal with the dialectical relationship between the interests of small family and everyone based on self-cultivation. The classic Marxist family view is “where there is a country, there is a family", which starts with the social attribute of the family and points out that purifying the family relationship through social transformation makes the family become the basic unit of real emotional union. Therefore, the construction of the social state is the prerequisite for the construction of the family. In contemporary China, family building has entered a new stage. The logic of modern family building should be based on the Marxist theory of social relations, weakening the macro research path of the relationship between the state and the family, and strengthening the dimension of daily life of individuals. Starting from the criticism of daily life, it aims to transform people’s way of life, people’s family consciousness and the relationship between family members and social environment, to grasp the rules of family life from the perspective of the relationship between family and environment, and between man and nature. Finally, a family external environment that is closely related to social development is formed, and a healthy family internal environment is constructed to cultivate modern families and modern citizens, providing internal driving force for social construction.

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