Exploring and Practicing the Integration of ZCC Technology into Digital Archives

  • Xin Cui, Yuhang Cui


Based on the analysis of the current situation of digital archive system construction and ZCC technology, this paper analyzes the feasibility of the integration of digital archives and ZCC technology, and designs the path of the integration of the two. The project of digital archive renovation of enterprise A is selected as a sample, to explore the effect of integration of ZCC technology into digital archive system, and solve the technical problems of large image files in digital archive systems, such as high-fidelity compression/decompression, encryption of image files, fast transmission, retrieval and utilization. In the era of the knowledge economy, the archive, as an important knowledge resource, is a strategic resource of enterprises and an important tool to enhance their core competitiveness. While the development of digital archives is not achieved overnight. With the rapid development of technology, it is bound to bring challenges to the use of the original digital archive system. The fundamental driving force of enterprise archival work is to provide quality service. How to meet the realistic working needs of enterprises and serve their development more effectively requires us to explore the transformation of enterprise archiving systems. As new technologies such as block chain, big data and artificial intelligence continue to emerge, incorporating new technologies has become an important topic in the area of archival modernization. Based on the implementation and research of enterprise A's digital archive renovation project, this paper explores and addresses the problem of the integration of ZCC technology into digital archives.

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