Supply Chain Power: A Bibliometric Analysis

  • Cuihua Xie, Shaoyong Han, Qinglin Li, Jianli Luo, Linlin Zhuo, Jingchun Zhan


Supply chain power (SCP), as the interdependent relationship between enterprises and organizations in the supply chain relationship, has garnered much attention from researchers recently and is increasingly being investigated in the supply chain management (SCM) literature. Therefore, it is necessary to explore the development of SCP by bibliometrics. This paper focuses on tracking thematic evolution in SCP. A systematic literature review and bibliometric analysis was conducted, and 200 articles searched from the databases in web of science were analyzed through quantitative analysis and network analysis. By quantitative analysis, including the title, keywords, author, journal, publish year, literature content and citation information, this paper reveals the development history, research focus and future research direction of SCP. By network analysis, the paper identifies that the SCP researches focus on four main thematic areas, i.e., power and supply chain relationships, power and sustainable supply chain management (SSCM), the channel power structure in supply chains, power in the food supply chain and its practices. The four thematic areas were selectively read and summarized, and relevant conclusions were drawn. Then, based on the summarized content, some suggestions on the direction and content of future research on SCP were provided. This study comprehensively analyzes the knowledge structure and the development process of SCP research by using an evidence-based analysis method. The findings can be used by SCM researchers to position their research within SCP, which is useful for supporting further investigations of SCP.

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